Client Testimonials

In the past, my goal was always to lose weight, and I tried every diet. Even though all of the diets seemed to contradict each other to the point where I just didn't know who or what to trust.

I started on Margaret's Food Freedom program, which focused on emotional eating. By the end of that program, I clearly understood why I was eating what I did and how to ween myself away from certain foods to improve my gut health. It worked. I had successfully changed my eating habits.

Without any thought, I signed up for the next program, The True Balance Gut Health program. This focused on my health, stress and how to improve my energy through gut health. Amazing. I learnt a lot from this one, and the information I received from Margaret will remain in my thoughts for a long time.

Not only have I lost weight, I have also learned what food is best for me to eat for my gut health, and how to be more mindful of myself through meditation, which Margaret will do with you.

The biggest thing to mention here is that Margaret will tailor her food advice based on you and considering your ailments. So it really is a bespoke service. Margaret is very kind in her approach. She is highly informative, not judgemental in the slightest and very easy to talk to.

Stuart B