Retreats and catering

Bespoke nutritional support to find balance, regain vitality, and restore health (the natural way). Hosting a retreat and want to help attendees feel their best?

Want to beat that mid-afternoon slump so your people make the most of the experience?

Feeling a little bit stressed about how you’re going to feed everyone?

Your solution is here!

Cater the best experience

Hosting a retreat isn’t easy, and feeding everyone can make it even more stressful. You want to make sure it’s nutritious and full of energy, but you also need to keep in mind the different dietary needs of attendees.

Using organic, nutritious, beautiful food, you can boost mental acuity, keeping people at their best and making sure they have the most effective experience.


In the morning, start with an uplifting and awakening breakfast with lasting energy to keep you going.


Afternoons are for a bit of a pick-me-up, packed with goodness to stop the slump and keep people engaged and supported.


Evenings are all about grounding, winding down, and supporting your body’s transition into relaxation for a restful sleep.

How it works

Margaret can offer catering for all sorts of events and retreats. She can also combine it with a masterclass for your attendees to learn more about gut and hormonal health.

All produce is organic, and all meals are planned specifically to support your people, taking into consideration ages, goals, and other markers to ensure an incredible culinary experience.

You focus on hosting- she’ll do the rest!

About Margaret

Margaret is a Gut and Hormone Health Expert and Author whose mission is to empower others to learn to live and eat more intuitively, to support and nourish their bodies and minds, and to take control of their health to make lasting change.

Her unique approach (balancing cutting-edge science with warmth and encouragement) is why so many who are ready to take control of their health seek Margaret out- she gets right to the root of the problem to create lasting change.

She’s spent over 30 years studying gut health, nutrition, and intuitive eating and has not only transformed her own relationship with food, but she’s transformed the lives of multitudes of clients.

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