Margaret Bell | My story...

"My struggles and joys through life have shown me that life is truly for living in the healthiest way I can."

I've always loved food, even to my own detriment. As a child, my Mam and I cooked together on a Saturday while my Dad and Brother went to watch footy (Newcastle United). It was how me and my Mam bonded. But in my teenage years, friends began to call me ‘’thunder thighs,’’ crushing my confidence and leading me right back to- you guessed it- food.

What felt like my only friend became a captor as I experienced anorexia and it felt food was the only thing I could control. At 15 my Mam was diagnosed with Lupus which did snap me out of my eating condition and took me down the road of studying the immune system and eventually gut health.

In my early 20's my Dad passed, I moved to Liverpool to get away from the pain, and I got a little lost in the sauce.

I have spent most of my adult life yo-yo dieting, feeling immense guilt and sheer exhaustion. I wasn't nourishing my body better at the time, life truly got in the way. It was at 40 that I got divorced and fell down the rabbit hole of depression, alone and not knowing where to turn.

But this confusion throughout my life became a thirst for knowledge and a desire for lasting change, and I’ve now spent over 30 years studying gut and hormonal health.

My struggles and joys have shown me that life is truly for living in the healthiest way I can, and I can honestly say that I finally have the relationship with food and my body that I’ve always wanted.

My mission is to empower others to learn to live and eat more intuitively, to support and nourish their bodies and minds, and to take control of their hormonal health to make lasting change.

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