True Balance gut healing Program

Increase your energy, improve your mental and physical health, and stop your symptoms at the source- your gut.

Gut health isn’t about food

Unfortunately, there is no magical yoghourt you can eat which will repair your gut microbiome.

Together, we’ll explore the true cause of this imbalance and work to repair it, step by step, to create lasting change.


This is where we’ll start. Whether you’re suffering from pain or discomfort, sleeping poorly, or constantly stressed out of your mind, we’ll get your body in the right state to build new habits.


We’ll work intuitively with your body to heal your gut, understand your cravings, and find balance within your body (and mind).


Re-establish those healthy bacteria, revitalise your immune system, and work more intuitively with your natural rhythms.


Know exactly how to nourish yourself, body, mind, and soul, to keep things flowing as they should and keep these new habits for life.

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About Margaret

Margaret is a Hormone & Gut Health Specialist whose mission is to empower others to learn to live and eat more intuitively, to support and nourish their bodies and minds, and to take control of their health to make lasting change.

Her unique approach (balancing cutting-edge science with warmth and encouragement) is why so many who are ready to take control of their health seek Margaret out- she gets right to the root of the problem to create lasting change.

She’s spent over 30 years studying gut health, nutrition, and intuitive eating and has not only transformed her own relationship with food, but she’s transformed the lives of multitudes of clients.

How it works

True Balance is an in-depth program where we’ll work one-to-one, allowing us to truly dive in and make impactful, lasting change in your life.

This program extensively covers the following:

  • Intuitive eating and HOW to eat
  • Gut Health (what it really is, and how to support it)
  • Boosting your Immune System
  • Earthing & Grounding
  • Guided Meditation & Breathing
  • Eating plan to maintain ongoing health

The program rolls out over eight weeks, where your health and well-being will be restored, and true balance in your life will be achieved.

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True Balance Gut Health Program


  • Your own unique eating plan to create and maintain your gut health
  • Eight 1:1 sessions with Margaret
  • All supportive tools and guides curated for your personal gut healthing journey
  • Guidance from Margaret between sessions
  • Reduced stress, improved clarity and energy

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