Corporate Wellness

It’s a well-known fact that supporting the health and wellness of your employees leads to a more productive and profitable workplace. But the conversation around employee benefits has changed.

It’s no longer enough to just tick the boxes; while things like providing physical healthcare, wellness apps, and discount memberships are great, many successful businesses are thinking more out of the box.

Reduce stress & prevent burnout

Prioritising the mental health of your employees, especially by focusing on preventative maintenance, allows you to avoid common issues like stress and burnout before they occur.

Workplace stress can cause a plethora of problems for your employees and the way your business functions.

Your return on investment

By prioritising prevention and maintenance, you’ll have employees who:

  • Take fewer sick days
  • Are more productive and alert
  • Are more focused on the project at hand (ex: not stressing about home life during work hours)
  • Feel more balanced and energetic (so they don’t mentally “clock out” after lunch)

Leading to a more healthy workforce (and bottom line).


Educating your staff about gut health is the key to reducing stress and increasing focus.

When you’re out of flow, bloated, and lethargic, it’s hard to deliver your best work. So how can you empower people to make better, healthier, more informed decisions?

With several workshops available, you can ensure that your entire staff feels seen, represented, and equipped to make positive changes.

  • Better Belly, Better Health (1 hr)
  • Menopause, cycle, hormone health, and stress (1 hr)
  • Men’s health (1 hr)


Boost performance with gut-healthy catering after the workshop! Staff will be feeling energised, focused, and motivated, no more mid-afternoon slump.

About Margaret

Margaret is a Gut and Hormone Health Expert and Author whose mission is to empower others to learn to live and eat more intuitively, to support and nourish their bodies and minds, and to take control of their health to make lasting change.

Her unique approach (balancing cutting-edge science with warmth and encouragement) is why so many who are ready to take control of their health seek Margaret out- she gets right to the root of the problem to create lasting change.

She’s spent over 30 years studying gut health, nutrition, and intuitive eating and has not only transformed her own relationship with food, but she’s transformed the lives of multitudes of clients.

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