Corporate Wellness

It’s no longer enough to just tick the boxes; while things like providing healthcare, wellness apps, and discount gym memberships are great, many successful businesses are thinking more out of the box.


By prioritising prevention and maintenance, you’ll have employees who:

  • Take fewer sick days - By educating employees about hormonal health, they can better understand how their lifestyle choices and stress levels impact their immune system and overall health. This knowledge empowers them to make healthier decisions, leading to fewer sick days taken due to illnesses related to weakened immune systems or hormonal imbalances.
  • Are more productive and alert - Hormonal health workshops can provide employees with strategies to manage stress effectively and regulate their energy levels throughout the day. As a result, employees are more likely to remain alert and focused on their tasks, resulting in higher productivity levels and better decision-making.
  • Are more focused on the project at hand - Understanding how hormonal imbalances can affect mood and stress levels helps employees manage their work-life balance more effectively. With greater awareness and coping mechanisms, employees are less likely to bring personal stressors into the workplace, allowing them to concentrate fully on their projects without distractions.
  • Experience enhanced mental clarity and focus - Hormonal health workshops can educate employees on how hormonal imbalances can affect cognitive function and concentration. By adopting lifestyle changes that support hormonal balance, such as nutrition and stress management techniques, employees experience improved mental clarity and sustained focus on their work tasks. Leading to a healthier workforce (and bottom line).

Leading to a more healthy workforce (and bottom line).


Educating your staff about hormonal & gut health is the key to reducing stress, enhancing employee morale, lowering turnover rates, strengthening team dynamics, and improving productivity.

When you're experiencing symptoms like mood swings, bloating, and fatigue due to imbalanced hormonal and gut health, it's challenging to deliver your best work. So, how can you empower people to make better, healthier, and more informed decisions?

    With several workshops available, you can ensure that your entire staff feels seen, represented, and equipped to make positive changes.

  • Better Belly, Better Health - an introduction to gut health and the impact of stress
  • Cycle Insights: understanding and tracking your menstrual rhythms.
  • Utilising your cycle for productivity - better planning to achieve better results.
  • Nutrition & eating for hormonal balance, cycle, hormone health, and stress.
  • Hormonal wellness and self-care strategies for stress management
  • Unlocking vitality: optimising men's hormonal health – key for male employees 40 and over.
  • Understanding menopause: navigating symptoms and hormonal changes.
  • Thriving Through Transition: simple strategies for perimenopause, menopause, and beyond.


Boost performance with gut-healthy catering after the workshop! Staff will be feeling energised, focused, and motivated, no more mid-afternoon slump.

About Margaret

Margaret is a Gut and Hormone Health Expert and Author whose mission is to empower others to learn to live and eat more intuitively, to support and nourish their bodies and minds, and to take control of their health to make lasting change.

Her unique approach (balancing cutting-edge science with warmth and encouragement) is why so many who are ready to take control of their health seek Margaret out- she gets right to the root of the problem to create lasting change.

She’s spent over 30 years studying gut health, nutrition, and intuitive eating and has not only transformed her own relationship with food, but she’s transformed the lives of multitudes of clients.

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